Service offerings

  • High quality and consistent reporting of routine studies.
  • Emergency reporting within 30 minutes.
  • Teleradiology software.
  • In-house team of Radiologists providing 24/7/365 cover irrespective of geography.
  • Second opinion and night hawk services.
  • Sub-speciality reads of all diagnostic modalities.

We follow clinical governance according to Royal College of Radiology, UK (RCR) protocols to ensure excellence in reporting.

Human Resources

We can provide skilled Radiologists or Technicians for your hospital/medical center and work behind the scene while you concentrate on your core competency areas.

Equipment Procurement

We help to source affordable but high quality medical imaging equipment and systems to meet client requirements. We can source new of refurbished equipment. Our experience in this field extends to both imaging equipment and equipment parts.

Information Technology

We have the state of the art software, the distinctive features of which are

Unique compression and streaming technology - The radiology images do not have to be downloaded and are “streamed” bit by bit with compression technology developed by our technology team. This enables the software to deliver images even if there is low Internet connection speed.

Confidentiality and security - Images of the patients are streamed and thereby no confidential images are stored anywhere else apart from the secure server either in the onsite server or mirrored offsite for back up.

Dicom viewer - Inbuilt is our own DICOM viewer for when you just need to look at a radiology image. An in-hospital server stores all the images indefinitely for future reference.

CD writing - The imaging studies can be written to CD and given to the patient to take away. The CD writer automatically comes with the DICOM.

PACS plus - This software can be integrated with a suite of systems that can run healthcare services from a small clinic to a 50- bedded hospital to a large teaching hospital with multiple sites or a chain of hospitals. PACS also enables patient data to be retrieved and viewed whenever necessary.

Technology support - The key to delivering the service to your hospital is your computer network and desktop/laptop computers. We can survey, advice and manage your network and firewall.